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Why I'm start using Firefox less and less.

I'm missing functionality that I do get with Google Chrome! After end of life of my Chromebook and my iPad1 I had to decide what to buy now. And frankly I like to be environment friendly as possible. So a new tablet or Chromebook that would be obsolete in 3 years was no option. So I decided to look for a small laptop with touchscreen to function as both tablet and Chromebook. In the end you can do everything done with a Chromebook also with a browser. .... I both a secondhand Acer laptop. Installed Ubuntu 19 on it with Gnome shell. (I'm on Ubuntu 20 now 20200427) Party time! But! I hoped to use Firefox as I do everywhere. .... But! Two major disappointments! No touch screen support in Firefox without going into settings! 😞 And when installing Chromium to overcome issue 1, I rediscovered the App-bookmarks in Chrome! This creates .desktop files to launch apps in Gnome and Chrome-apps in OSX. These appear to make the tablet use of my Gnome tablet book even better! Why

Splitt Libreoffice in two!

Why is LibreOffice continuing the design flaws of Microsoft Office? In a secure (not internet connected) office environment it was handy to use apps that also integrated databases into the apps. So it was evident in that environment to have database components integrated into office apps like Microsoft Office. MS-Access and MS-Access components in MS-Office was a logic thing to do. Not so anymore! Today with internet as core part of mobile offices, it is always smart to have a look at what Google does. And their marketing is also interesting to follow. Lets start with the marketing. Better than LibreOffice Google understands that although technical the file used can be the same thing, the user expectation is different between a typical text-editor user or a spread-sheet user. For meeting user expectations, Google makes a clear split between Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Forms, ... and so on. Most of them have the possibility to import data from a database, but there is no MS-A

5G and fiber to the home will trigger the next internet revolution.

Bandwidth availability is driving the way services work. It is only a matter of time to have two ways virtual unlimited bandwidth availability. What will be the impact of this? In short: more individual freedom! Exchanging bulk data (primarily multi media) today goes via a service middleman. Facebook, Instagram, Google, .... name them. The internet will get less server and server-center dominated. People will start use apps that communicate with their home rather than with a "public" platform. The impact will colossal.

New approach to publications

We research and innovate in the area of human it system integration and call this humansys. We use no FaceBook related products because we consider Facebook unethical. We do twitter. But only to update people about new research developments or innovations. And because unfortunately Atom and RSS feeds have a poorly defined Mime. Internet is two things in our view. A means of transport private data; A means of publication. We will use this channel for publications related to our research.