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Internet federation awareness

The nice thing about email is that you can email someone with a address from an address. So you are not locked into gmail or outlook or amazon or ... any email service supplier. Very different from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn and so on. You are locked in into these apps and are only able to communicate with other app users. You can not chat with someone outside these closed environments. The ability to communicate from service to service is called federation. My advice to you all is to use only federating services. That way we keep the market open and prevent creepy monopolists from getting too much control over us.

The self driving car dilema

Road traffic is fundamentally a group-process. A typical a human group process. In the end human (non verbal) communication and behaviour are the flexibility layer in the process. When rules or situations are unclear, this human to human process defines the system security. This allows the strange mix of pedestrians, bicycles, car's and lories to share the same space. For trains and other public transport this is less the case. These are primarily system rules based apparatus. People have to adapt to these rules. And are flexible enough to do so. And because people are aware of this, they do. Self driving cars never will become humans and thus in the end never will have the flexibility humans have. They in the end will behave more like trains than humans. Other humans will be unclear about the flexibility layer surrounding self-driving-cars. This is a risk area in the trust people will put into self-driving-cars. Driver assistance is obviously something else. So self-driving public

A Northern-Ireland Brexit solution

If the whole of Northern-Ireland (NI) would be made into a free trade zone . It would: boost the Norther-Irish economy boost the Irish economy The UK can do this (declaring NI a Free trade zone) A consequence will be that the border around NI has to be made tight. As well the sea border as the land border with Ireland. But not because of the EU but because of Northern-Ireland her new special status.

About time for a nothing for free law

If no bill is send, no tax can be claimed. And free services never are really free. This are the two reasons why free internet services should be forbidden. If one would be obliged to pay for a search engine, let say a minimum of the cost plus 10%, one probably would see a range of specialised search engines emerge beside Google. Facebook would have all kind of local competitors, and so on. Local governments would get an honest share of the pie. Privacy would no longer be an issue, because one doesn't need to pay with privacy for a service that claims to be free. Why governments don't stop the illusion of free services, and really do something about privacy and forbid free services?


I love models. Yes, metoo ... But I'm talking about algorithms here. Those who are a bit into mathematics know that with a little curve fitting you can go all the way. Lets aside Fourier. If you do not understand this, then I advise you to look at this Homer (Simpson) orbit example: Maybe now you understand that a climate model can be made for any outcome. And then you also understand that it is wise to let the value of a model depend on any proof of the correctness of a model by testing it against measurements. The models of the club of Rome, for example, have not (yet) come true while they already beat the already known dates. Is this bad? Not at all. We do not learn much without modeling and testing. I do have a problem with the way the press deals with modeling. They publish a scientific research as fact or almost fact at the moment that it offers sensational outcomes. Again something like that today! 'Coming four years will be unusually warm' Fortunately, the text does

The Bosporus. The real border between Europe and the Middle East

The Bosporus should be the border between Europe and the Middle East. In fact small part of Turkey north of the Bosporus should not be Turkey but Greek. This would make the border of Europe much clearer. And would also be better for Turkey. If a government has the imperialistic central leader disease, not only people in surrounding countries suffer from it, also the nation internal people will suffer from it. It is counter organic.

The obvious is never obvious

#Brexit The Northern Ireland Conservatives are in the core of the process. Without them supporting the May government, making the Irish sea the border between the EU and Britain would be the obvious choice. But now there is only one way, a closed Irish / Northern Ireland border. The obvious is that Ireland starts preparations to close the border. If they would starting doing so now, it would put huge pressure on May. If it would turn around the The Northern Ireland Conservatives, that would be a great outcome. If the The Northern Ireland Conservatives would persevere,  Ireland is prepared for the days after the worst (most likely) outcome from the Brexit negotiations. If they start preparing for closing the border with Northern Ireland after the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, in all cases it will be to late.

Inconsistency in legislation

Good BDO Netherlands July 20 writes about the privacy paradox between PSD2 and the GDPR . PSD2 is a new European directive aimed at payment transactions in Europe. The law has five goals: Competition in the European payment market. Make innovations in the payment system better possible. Protect consumers better. Increase the security of payments. Contribute to a single European payment market. "However, where PSD2 requests open access to (confidential) transaction data, the GDPR imposes stricter requirements with regard to allowing this data and security to be shared." This is just one of the examples showing that the legislative process has completely got out of hand. How come? What is the quality of legislation? And is there something to do about it? How it comes In a word "islands". Too many people are involved in the legislative process in Europe. It certainly concerns thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of people. These work for different governments, diffe

China is taking over Internet and it starts in The Netherlands

The danger of Chinese network equipment. Simply painted, who controls the nodes, controls the internet. I've been waring about this for 15 years. Why are commercial people so naive?

The big confusion about Google and Android

Is it Google? Is it Microsoft? Is it Facebook? Or is it the EU itself what is making unfair competition? I tell you it is the EU itself! Why could the German StarOffice not survive? EU governments preferred to use MS-Office. And with that preference they killed European competition. Why did MySQL became am Oracle product? EU governments preferred Oracle. MySQL AB could not survive and was sold to ... Sun and later to .... Oracle. StarOffice was a German product, so all other counties in Europe did not like StarOffice. MySQL was Finish so European governments did not like it. A similar story can be told for PHP. And I could go on and on. The whole EU is one big nest of failed states. Unable to protect European intellectual properties. It is the EU what is making unfair competition because EU nations like each others products less than what is made in the USA. Are there no alternatives for Android and Google Play store or iOs or Apple's App store? Yes! What is the EU doing about hel

End free travel for Russians

The way Russia goes about with ordinary people and their personal security is shocking! Think about Syria, MH17, Skripal. In fact, it shows a complete disinterest in human life. The brutality of the Putin FSB gang is without limits! One expects our (EU and UK) governments to limit the free movement of all Russian citizens in the EU and UK!

Rhineland model

The real cause of the disappearance of the Rhineland model is, by Nixon (1973), blowing up Bretton Woods. The US $ has become a debt vortex in which all normal human relationships disappear. (Boudi2018)