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The self driving car dilema

Road traffic is fundamentally a group-process. A typical a human group process. In the end human (non verbal) communication and behaviour are the flexibility layer in the process. When rules or situations are unclear, this human to human process defines the system security. This allows the strange mix of pedestrians, bicycles, car's and lories to share the same space. For trains and other public transport this is less the case. These are primarily system rules based apparatus. People have to adapt to these rules. And are flexible enough to do so. And because people are aware of this, they do. Self driving cars never will become humans and thus in the end never will have the flexibility humans have. They in the end will behave more like trains than humans. Other humans will be unclear about the flexibility layer surrounding self-driving-cars. This is a risk area in the trust people will put into self-driving-cars. Driver assistance is obviously something else. So self-driving public

A Northern-Ireland Brexit solution

If the whole of Northern-Ireland (NI) would be made into a free trade zone . It would: boost the Norther-Irish economy boost the Irish economy The UK can do this (declaring NI a Free trade zone) A consequence will be that the border around NI has to be made tight. As well the sea border as the land border with Ireland. But not because of the EU but because of Northern-Ireland her new special status.