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About time for a nothing for free law

If no bill is send, no tax can be claimed. And free services never are really free. This are the two reasons why free internet services should be forbidden. If one would be obliged to pay for a search engine, let say a minimum of the cost plus 10%, one probably would see a range of specialised search engines emerge beside Google. Facebook would have all kind of local competitors, and so on. Local governments would get an honest share of the pie. Privacy would no longer be an issue, because one doesn't need to pay with privacy for a service that claims to be free. Why governments don't stop the illusion of free services, and really do something about privacy and forbid free services?


I love models. Yes, metoo ... But I'm talking about algorithms here. Those who are a bit into mathematics know that with a little curve fitting you can go all the way. Lets aside Fourier. If you do not understand this, then I advise you to look at this Homer (Simpson) orbit example: Maybe now you understand that a climate model can be made for any outcome. And then you also understand that it is wise to let the value of a model depend on any proof of the correctness of a model by testing it against measurements. The models of the club of Rome, for example, have not (yet) come true while they already beat the already known dates. Is this bad? Not at all. We do not learn much without modeling and testing. I do have a problem with the way the press deals with modeling. They publish a scientific research as fact or almost fact at the moment that it offers sensational outcomes. Again something like that today! 'Coming four years will be unusually warm' Fortunately, the text does