The Raspberry Pi revolution.

I was ready with ChromeCast when Google stopped with Chromcast Audio. So I was looking for an alternative. For audio, I found SnapCast. The best open source solution I could find. Not perfect and not general user-friendly but manageable for me.
For my TV spot I found Kodi on LibreElec apears to be the best solution for the time being to replace Chromecast. There again not as user-friendly as Apple TV or Chromecast but manageable for me.

The Raspberry-Pi is need little thing and in the Flirc case it looks great. But I have two issues to be resolved before I can move on in getting out of it what I want (Running Firefox on it):
  1. Good support for Debian 64 bit
  2. Good graphical hardware acceleration
When these are resolved, the Raspberry Pi will spark a revolution in the computer landscape.


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